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Edwin D.


I highly recommend the courses and looking forward for more to come. Indeed it was very helpful and my supposed to be asked questions are being answered in the community. Learning is fun and never ending but applying it is quite a different thing. Thanks and God bless Pao!


The way he presented every topic is very simple to understand. With this kind of teaching, every student will not be discouraged to proceed with the course,most especially like myself who is not familiar in any way with WordPress and Copywriting.

Alexander I.


Kurt D.


Course Belt doesn't deserve just 5 stars, they deserve more than that because it's not just about the learnings that I got from them but also their sincerity to share and help aspiring freelancers like me.

Hi there! I'm Coach Pao!

I've been in the digital marketing world since I was 16. 8 years later, I'm helping people like you learn the necessary techniques to speed up your learning process when it comes to copywriting.

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Complete Copywriting Course 101

Learn everything you have to learn about Copywriting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write words that sell!

The Email Copywriting Playbook

Wanna know why some EMAILS are GREAT while some are not?

The Content Writing Playbook

Okay, so you already know how to write great pages, but how do you incorporate copywriting to something as simple as a blog post? In this module, learn how to write blog posts that convert!

BONUS #1: Sales Pages/Landing Pages Course

Learn how you can write a Php 200k a month sales/landing page!

BONUS #2: Copywriting on Websites

Do you have a dull Home, About, or Contact pages? This will do the trick!

BONUS #3: Copywriting Templates!

Can’t write the first word? Don’t worry, we got your back! We’re also providing some templates you can use to jumpstart your copywriting journey! Just fill out, and you’ll have sales copies for any industry!


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