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Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn how to WRITE CONTENT that SELLS!

  • No Background Knowledge Needed
  • Easy-to-Follow Modules
  • Learn how to write sales pages, emails, web content, etc.
  • NEW BONUS: Learn how to get CONTENT for FREE

Who this Course is for

This course is perfect for those who wanted to fill their website with GREAT CONTENT. Copywriting is not just for selling, it should be incorporated on every page of your website!

What You’ll Get

Copywriting 101 Course

(Worth Php 3,999)

Learn everything you have to learn about Copywriting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write words that sell!

The Email Copywriting Playbook

(Worth Php 1,499)

Wanna know why some EMAILS are GREAT while some are not?

The Content Writing Playbook

(Worth Php 1,999)

Okay, so you already know how to write great pages, but how do you incorporate copywriting to something as simple as a blog post? In this module, learn how to write blog posts that convert!

BONUS #1: Sales Pages/Landing Pages Course

(Worth Php 1,999)

Learn how you can write a Php 200k a month sales/landing page!

BONUS #2: Copywriting on Websites

(Worth Php 999)

Do you have a dull Home, About, or Contact pages? This will do the trick!

BONUS #3: Copywriting Templates!

Can’t write the first word? Don’t worry, we got your back! We’re also providing some templates you can use to jumpstart your copywriting journey! Just fill out, and you’ll have sales copies for any industry!

Course Rating

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  • Janella Recaplaza

    What a great course!

    I've been looking for a copywriting course, and luckily found this affordable one. I already have basic knowledge about copywriting but I wanted to solidify it and turn it into a skill. Topics are easy to follow, a lot of materials are provided, and the writing activities were really fun. I was able to use my upcoming online business as an example for the copies. I'm looking forward for more courses, uodates, and improvement! Thank you!
  • Alyssa Ashly Gonzales

    Copywriting Course

    Thank you so much Sir for giving us an opportunity to learn and explore more in copywriting. I'm so thankful that I've found this online course in a very affordable price. I also enjoyed learning new techniques here so I highly recommended this course.
  • Larry Paul Gumpal

    review to this course (copywriting)

    i learned a lot to this course it is easy to understand every module and instruction included in this course. if you offer additional courses i will definitely enroll on it. thank you and godbless sir pao
  • Price
    ₱3,999.00 ₱199.00

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Copywriting Course

Write great content that sells!