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We’re now accepting course registrations! Course launches on November 30. 

Course Description

Want to learn how to rank better on search engines? In this course, you’ll be able to apply the SEO strategies for your website!

  • No Background Knowledge Needed
  • Easy-to-Follow Modules
  • Get the BONUS: Client Outreach

Who this Course is for

This course is perfect for those who have websites or those managing one.

What You’ll Learn

Learning SEO Basics

Learn everything you have to learn about SEO. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to apply these skills


Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is crucial since this is the starting point of any SEO activity.


On-Page Optimization

Every web page matters. In this module, you’ll learn why every page has to be optimized and how to do it.


Guide to Write Content that Ranks

SEO is not just about the little tweaks, even your articles or blog posts have to be optimized.


Off-Page SEO

This is one of the external factors that affect your website’s ranking.

Local SEO

Do you want to bring more people to your physical store? Want to be seen by search engines within a certain area? Local SEO is what you should apply.


Technical SEO

Learn how to audit a website’s SEO metrics and see how you can improve it.


BONUS: Client Outreach

If you can optimize a website, you can do it to other websites as well. So why don’t you offer it?


Agile Project Expert

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